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August 13, 2017

April 8, 2017

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Ten Ways to #BankBlack

April 21, 2017

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Ten Ways to #BankBlack

April 21, 2017


Want to support black-owned banks but don’t have an easily accessible branch? Not a problem!! Here are some ways that you can still make a meaningful and significant investment in the bank of your choice regardless of the location:


1. Open a long-term checking with automatic direct deposits from your employer or transfers from your current banking institution


2. Have your “spending” money from each paycheck direct deposited or transferred to the black-owned bank and use your bank card for discretionary purchasing


3. Open a savings account and deposit your “emergency funds”. Add to it periodically or just let it sit for a rainy day


4. Open investment accounts such as CDs or money market accounts or retire accounts (IRAs) with a black-owned bank


5. Take out a personal loan, home equity loan or line of credit, auto loan or open a credit card account


6. Apply for a mortgage or refinance a current mortgage


7. Start a savings account for your child. Make an initial deposit and then teach junior how to manage the account using online banking


8. Some black-owned banks such as Industrial Bank (www.industrial-bank) in DC offer life insurance coverage. Talk with a rep about submitting an application


9. Use an internet-based banking institution. Find and compare banks with the BANK BLACK APP


10. Share this page and invite 10 or more people to do any/all of the above

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