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August 13, 2017

April 8, 2017

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Ten Ways to #BankBlack

April 21, 2017

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Ariane Says #BankBlack Is Good for Families

March 29, 2017

Ariane Randolph

Banks with OneUnited

Entrepreneur, Breastfeeding & Community Activist, Environmental Scientist 

Jacksonville, FL | @arianerandolph


Why did you move your money to a black-owned bank?


As a Black Family in America it is our responsibility to have our money in a #BlackBank. We are looking forward to exploring all of the services that OneUnited Bank has to offer. We are moving our money to a Black-owned bank because we are aware that “traditional” banks are of the dominant society. Historically and currently the behavior of those “big banks” are socially irresponsible and often, if ever, refuse to have our best interest in mind. For example, many of the financial institutions of the dominant society supports the capitalist pipeline of ALEC that feeds Black people to mass incarceration. These institutions have also historically financed and built the entire financial markets on chattel slavery and the backs of our ancestors on Wall Street.


What has been your experience with banking black?


The application process has been smooth, quick, easy and user friendly. The process has been online, which can sound intimidating to some of the less tech savvy Family, but the experience has remained warm and informative. They have managed to send welcoming and open arms through wifi and internet connections. I have been pleased and impressed so far.


What advice do you have, or what would you tell someone, to encourage them to #BankBlack?


Banking Black is a necessity for the Growth & Empowerment for Black Communities. #BankingBlack is Actionary & Solutionary. #BankBlack addresses so many social problems facing Melanoid People. #BankingBlack is something that Black Families need to be doing, really without giving it a second thought. It should be as common as having a cell phone.


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