Depositing money into a savings account at a black-owned bank is the easiest way to support the #BankBlack movement. Not everyone can do all of their banking with a black bank, but it is pretty easy to open an online savings account and do electronic transfers or mobile deposits to start and build your savings. 

We encourage you to also set up automatic savings using electronic transfers to help build your account. Small weekly, biweekly, or monthly transactions can grow your wealth over time without breaking the bank. You can also use your #BankBlack account to save for large expenses such as an appliance, car, home, or for your business. You can also set up an account to save for holidays or travel. Savings accounts are also a great way to set up a family, friends, or coworkers susu or lending circle. 

All of the black-owned banks offer savings accounts, so you can see the complete BANK BLACK LIST for all of your options. And we have identified here some great options for opening your new savings account today.





 OneUnited Unity Savings ($100 min. balance, 0.2% to 0.4% interest)




 Liberty Bank Personal Savings ($200 min. balance, 0.65% interest)



 Industrial Bank Kasasa Savings (0.75% interest w/ qualifications met)



Industrial Bank Business Savings (0.1% interest)

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