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The Problem

In the wake of a string of fatal police violence against the black community and a revival of a long-understood link between social and economic concerns, Killer Mike announced the #BankBlack movement in June 2016. This grassroots effort has seen over $50 million transferred into several black-owned banks across the nation that have historically served low- to moderate-income and minority communities. This work represents some progress but pales in comparison to addressing the scale of the challenge that our nation's major financial institutions have largely ignored both the basic needs and the tremendous economic potential of the black community.


In partnership with #YesWeCode, we are proposing to host a hackathon to build momentum for the BankBlack movement and encourage and embrace creative technology-based solutions to improve financial literacy and help people to invest in black-owned banks and businesses, and the black community at-large.


Our Solution

#BankBlack Hackathon Powered By #YesWeCode

Bank Black USA and #YesWeCode are organizing a hackathon to bring together different stakeholders from varying professions to develop applications and programs towards improving financial literacy and investing in black-owned banks and businesses. We are embracing the creative process to 100 members of the technology and finance field, as well as academia and local community members. 

Our Work


#YesWeCode is an initiative of the Dream Corps focused on connecting 100,000 young men and women from underrepresented communities to tech opportunities. We are building a diverse pipeline of ‘homegrown’ tech talent to meet the demand for workers in the tech sector and boost local economies.


Bank Black USA

Bank Black USA is a campaign by the Cowrie Initiative dedicated to supporting financial and economic health, opportunity, and stability for black people and communities through the #BankBlack movement. We connect networks and activities related to financial and economic empowerment across the country and provide resources to promote individual, collective, and local action for advancing cooperative economic growth.


HBCU Wall Street

HBCU Wall Street is a mission-focused platform that uses live events, digital and social media to provide financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investing based solutions for stimulating local Black economies and communities.Historically, economic improvement has permeated outwards from HBCUs and into their host communities. For that reason, we decided to start there. With our nation's HBCUs. Our mission is to be an advocate for the promotion, growth, welfare & creation of African-American, HBCU student and alumni owned businesses, entrepreneurship & economics.



The Wealth Factory Inc

We at The Wealth Factory, Inc. develop adapting environments, frameworks and technologies that would help our users with their financial literacy education through online gaming, adaptive testing and other means. Our mission is to reduce poverty by providing equal access to quality, easy to understand financial literacy across the world. Our cumulative experience in technology, commerce and education under one roof. Our goal is to help everyone to manage their finances.



The primary goal of the hackathon is for participating teams to develop applications and/or software that address the following issues:

1) improving financial literacy rates in African-American communities, and

2) encourage black communities to reinvest in black-owned banks and businesses.


The secondary goal is to build a diverse pipeline of homegrown tech talent by encouraging people from non-traditional and underrepresented communities to enter the STEM field, primarily coding.



For more information about the #BankBlack Hackathon, please contact us