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Bank Black USA is an independent grassroots organization that formed out of the larger #BankBlack Movement following deadly police shootings in black communities in July 2016. Our work builds on a long legacy of connecting our economic power to improving social and racial justice and equity in America.



Bank Black USA’s goal is to connect individual and collective awareness, understanding, potential, and wealth toward the betterment and stability of black communities and the black experience in America.



We are dedicated to supporting financial and economic health, opportunity, and stability for black people and communities. Our work promotes economic action, financial education, as well as pride and stewardship for our people, institutions, and businesses. Bank Black USA’s initiatives connect networks and activities related to financial and economic empowerment across the country and provide resources to promote individual, collective, and local action for advancing cooperative economic growth. We seek measurable success through an improved vitality of America’s black-owned banks, credit unions, cooperatives, businesses, and communities.



We work with individuals, groups, financial institutions, community organizations, and other stakeholders to promote economic empowerment in black communities.


Local Engagement Team

Our Local Engagement Team develops workshops, presentations, and events of various types for community and public events. The team seeks to partner with local community and grassroots groups and black banks and businesses to develop and coordinate the Bank Black Movement at the local level.


Media Team

Our Media Team develops strategy and content for marketing and public relations for BBUSA and to promote economic awareness and impact and black financial institutions. This team manages our online and social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and the bankblackusa.org website.


Research and Innovation Team

Our Research and Innovation Team tracks black-owned and MDI banks and credit unions to compile consumer information (accounts, rates, fees, services) and also the financial institutions’ health, local impact (services and lending), and their growth over time. They also provide support to the other teams for reporting, financial or consumer education content. The team also tracks innovation and competitiveness for black institutions in the financial sector, including mobile applications, financial technology, and other innovations including cash transfer, peer lending, crowdfunding, financial social networking, and other advances.